Anchor Version 2.5.0 Release Notes

Anchor Version 2.5.0 Release Notes

What’s new!

Anchor platform features
  • Geo-location-based Access rule! We rolled out a new access rule that lets administrators and users specify that access to Anchor-protected files is only allowed within the United States. If a user tries to access Anchor-protected files outside the United States, we block the access and log such accesses. more
  • We added a Plug-in for Microsoft office for better control of data in the Mircosoft office - more
  • A new option on the Admin dashboard allows you to add Admin approved application using executables namesmore
  •  Anchor Version 2.5.0 enables the organizations to configure the DFS paths as protected folders. This allows seamless use of the protected/encrypted files located on Network shares irrespective of whether the files are accessed via UNC paths, DFS paths, and any Mapped drives- more
  • More enhanced installation information logging for administrators
  • MSP dashboard
Egnyte specific features
  • We added Folder level sharing for Egnyte - more
  • We added an extra layer of security for file and folder sharing for Egnyte. Now you can approve email account for file sharing  - more


  • Windows 10 agent installer enhancements
  • More reliable agent configuration management
  • Egnyte: Better handling of expiring shared links
  • Bug Fixes

Coming Soon!

  • Copy-paste protection
  • Outlook integration
  • Read-only sharing for all Anchor users