Active Directory Integrations - Client Side Setup

Active Directory Integrations - Client Side Setup


  • Download the latest version of Auth0 LDAP connector from here and install on your Windows Server
  • Follow instructions in the above article to set up the connector
  • In one of the setup steps in the article, you will be asked to enter a TICKET URL (shown in the screenshot below). Please ask the DAtAnchor team to share the URL to continue.

  • Once you paste the TICKET URL and click Continue, you will be presented with a screen as shown below.
  • Fill in the following details:
    1. LDAP Connection String: It will be autocompleted once you paste the TICKET URL in the previous step. If it does not, then enter a string with this format ldap://<server-name>.<domain name>

    2. Base DN: It will be autocompleted once you paste the TICKET URL in the previous step. If it does not then,

      1. On server's Command Prompt, run **dsquery ***

        C:\\Users\\Administrator>dsquery *
      2. The first output displayed is your Base DN:

    3. Username: The distinguishedName(DN) of the admin/service account. To get the DN of the account,

      1. On server's Command Prompt, run dsquery user -name <known username> to get the DN of the user account
    4. Password: The admin/service account password.

  • Click Save
  • If all the details you entered are correct then you will see the following message "Configuration updated and the server restarted"
  • Now give the connector couple of minutes to finish all the required configurations.
  • Navigate to the Search tab.

  • In the Search users option, type a known username from in your company. The connector should return a valid response as shown below.
  • If the response is valid then the setup is done!!
  • If not, please contact DAtAnchor Support at or raise a ticket


  • If the Search Users tab returns an error then after step was successful
    • It means Auth0 LDAP connector is still configuring things. Please give it a few minutes and try again

    • If it not working after more than 5 minutes then consider restarting the LDAP connector from the Task Manager. Restart the services shown in the below screenshot. Try to search for a user after this.

    • If it still not working after the above step, then restart the Windows Server.


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