Configure Onedrive/SharePoint folder as Protected folder on Admin Dashboard.

Configure Onedrive/SharePoint folder as Protected folder on Admin Dashboard.

What are protected folders?
Protected folders are locations within the organization where protected content can be consumed. A file will not be consumable when outside of a designated protected folder. Examples include endpoint common user folders, on-prem network drives, and cloud-based document-sharing services. 

Users can add Onedrive/SharePoint folder as a Protected folder under specific user roles. Anchor will automatically assign that folder as a Protected folder for all the users that are added to the user role. There are three steps to add  Onedrive/SharePoint folder as a Protected folder .

Step 1:  Collect the Common path for Onedrive/SharePoint drive:  Users can install Onedrive/SharePoint to any folder on their workstation. By Default Onedrive/SharePoint drive is installed under the C:\Users\(Username). Admin needs to make sure All users installed Onedrive.SharePoint under default path. Admin needs to get the Username for all users. Admin needs to collect path from User if a user installed Onedrive/SharePoint to different Path. 

For example,  In the below image,  OneDrive is installed Under the default Path. C:\Users\19024\OneDrive o DAtAnchor Inc\ 
19024 is the Username/login name for the Windows workstation. For all the users, the path is going to be the same with a different username in the path. 

Step 2:   Configure Protected folder:  DAtAnchor team can add all the paths to the protected folder from Backend or  Admin can manually add all the paths as Protected folder under User role.

Step 3: Admin Right Click and Anchor folder from their workstation:  Admin needs to Right-click on the OneDrive/SharePoint folder and  select  'Anchor,' 'Anchor My Data,' and 'Add Protection and Anchor My Files.'  Admin only need to this for one time when adding folder as Protected folder.

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