Anchor Authorized File Extensions

Anchor Authorized File Extensions

This article will discuss adding and removing Anchor authorized file extensions. Anchor will only encrypt and open files whose file extensions have been added in the Admin Dashboard as an authorized file extension.

For a quick video tutorial click the link below.

Step 1: Sign in the Admin Dashboard and select "User Roles".
Step 2: Navigate to the desired user role, select the action icon denoted by 3 vertical dots, and select "Edit".

Step 3: Select "Authorized File Extensions" as shown below.

To remove a file extension click the "x" on the right side of the listed file extension.
To add a file extension click the whitespace directly to the right of the last file extension, insert a comma, and you may now enter the new file extension(s).

Note that all file extensions need to be separated by a comma and always select update once your a finished to ensure your changes will be saved.

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