Blocking Data Loss Features for Applications

Blocking Data Loss Features for Applications

This article explains how Anchor blocks data loss for applications. 
You will learn:
  1. Blocking for sharing.
  2. Blocking for exporting.
  3. Blocking for transforming.
  4. Blocking for printing.
  5. How to Enable/Disable  Data Loss Features?
When configured, Anchor will actively protect content when accessed by common business applications. We disable certain features of applications that allow you to move data, such as sharing, exporting, transforming, and printing. This plug-in ensures that data can only move in a secure way, where it is monitored and controlled. 

Anchor's application blocking features are limited to the following applications: 
Microsoft Word
Word processor developed by Microsoft
Microsoft PowerPoint
Presentation program developed by Microsoft
Microsoft Excel
Spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft
Microsoft Visio
Diagram and graphics application developed by Microsoft.
Adobe Reader
PDF reader provided by Adobe

Blocking for sharing, exporting, transforming, and printing

Step 1: Open a protected file in either Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Reader, or Phantom PDF.
Step 2: Click on the 'File' tab in the top left. 

Step 3: Notice that the Print, Share, and Export features are greyed out and disabled. This ensures that you are unable to share protected data, so that it stays secure. 

Step 4: Transforming is also blocked by Anchor. Click on Transform in the left column. 

Step 5: An error message will pop up, letting you know that the transform feature has been blocked.

How to Enable/Disable  Data Loss Features?

Companies can choose to turn off these features for specific user roles, which means that applications will not block data loss for protected files. By enabling these features, applications will block data loss for protected files. 

  1. Open the Anchor dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the User Roles tab.
  3. Find which user role you want to edit. Hover over the three dots under 'Actions' and click on 'Edit'. 
  4. Navigate to MS Office Add-In Settings and Enable/Disable the Data loss feature. 
  5. Click on Update to save the changes. 

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