Known Limitation

Known Limitation

These are known limitation of Anchor but We have all these covered as part of our Future release roadmap.

  1. Anchored Files

    1. Printing: Physical printing is possible on Anchored files when opened by non-Microsoft Office applications. Anchor administrators may restrict all printing options (physical and digital) for Anchored files opened by Microsoft Office applications. This can be managed in the Anchor Dashboard.

    2. Saving

      1. Save as protection is only available for Anchor Certified Applications (see link)

      2. Anchor-certified non-Microsoft applications (Acrobat Reader, Phantom PDF, Libreoffice, Wordpad, Irfanview Image Viewer). Users will not be allowed to save data into or out of Anchored folders. 

        1. Example: The following action will be blocked by Anchor - A user opens an unAnchored (plain text) file located in a folder not protected by Anchor, then attempts to save the file into an Anchored folder.  

        2. Example: The following action will be blocked by Anchor - A user opens an Anchored file located in an Anchored folder and attempts to “Save-As” into a folder not protected by Anchor. 

      3. Anchor admin-approved applications (More Information). Users will be allowed to save data into or out of Anchored folders. 

  2. Cloud Drives

    1. OneDrive and SharePoint: In the rare situation where Anchor automatic encryption service fails to encrypt the newly added file, the file will remain unencrypted until the user edits and saves the file in the same location. 

      1. Note: For files stored on networked drives like Windows Server. The Anchor server agent will encrypt the newly added file(s) even if Anchor sync fails to encrypt the file.  

  3. Data Loss Protection 

    1. Copy/Paste Controls: When copy/paste blocking is enabled, the user can only copy and paste in the same file. When an Anchored file(s) are open, Anchor will not allow content to be moved from one file to another. (More Information)

    2. Screenshot Tool Blocking: When screenshot tool blocking is enabled, Anchor will not allow taking screenshots using default windows screenshot tools. (More Information

      1. Note: It is possible to take a screenshot using other 3rd party tools when screenshot tool blocking is enabled.

  4. Anchor Services:

    1. File extensions and authorized applications: if the user opens an UnAnchored (plain text) file with an unauthorized extension (Refer to Unauthorized/Authorized extensions KB link) using an Anchor authorized application (refer to…) and saves the file. Anchor will encrypt the file when it is saved.  For example: if .xml is not an authorized extension, but you open it within Microsoft Word (a certified application) then save the file, Anchor will protect the saved output.Note: This behaviour will only occur on Anchored folders.

    2. Microsoft Office protections: Should the Anchor Microsoft Office add-in be disabled (by the user or unintended actions), Anchor services will not allow any Anchored files to be consumed.  

5.Installing and Uninstalling Anchor: If configured, Anchor allows individual users to protect folders they choose.
Should Anchor be uninstalled then reinstalled, personal protected folders beyond what is configured by Anchor Administrators in the dashboard will be lost or not restored.