Link sharing from Microsoft Outlook

Link sharing from Microsoft Outlook

This feature allows users to share encrypted files outside of the organization from Outlook. 
Users can enable/disable this feature under specific user roles. 
Step 1: Open the Anchor dashboard and Navigate to the User Roles tab. 
Step 2: Find the user role under which you want to add a folder as a Protected folder. Hover over the three dots under 'Actions' and click on 'Edit'. 
Step 3: Navigate to the User Component Settings under General Settings. Enable File Sharing Service

Step 3: Wait for 1-minute to affect the changes on Anchor Agent and  Restart Outlook after 1- minute. 
Step 4: Create a new email and attach an encrypted file.
Step 5: Click on send.  You will see a pop-up on outlook. Choose Share a Link . 

  Step 5:  Enter a name for the link and click on Continue.
Note:  Anchor only support following file format for link sharing :

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