User Permissions in Anchor

User Permissions in Anchor

This article gives an overview of the permissions that Anchor users have access to. 

You will learn:
  1. What user permissions are.
  2. Which permissions users have access to and what they do.
User permissions: Actions available for users when following access rules.
Endpoint users have been given all permissions listed below:




A user can Anchor (encrypt) a file. Files will be given default access rules when anchored.


A user can unAnchor (decrypt) a file. This action will be logged. Note, Anchor cannot control unAnchored files.


A user can access the local admin panel. Users with access will be able to edit, Anchor, unAnchor, add and remove protected folders, and change available access rules.


A user can access historical versions of Anchored files.


In one click menu, a user can unAnchor a file and attach it to an email. This action will be logged. Note, Anchor cannot control unAnchored files.

For detailed tutorials on using, User permission please watch the following videos.

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