What Are Anchored Files?

What Are Anchored Files?

This article gives an overview of Anchored files, Anchoring and unAnchoring.
You will learn:
  1. What Anchored files are.
  2. How to Anchor files using Egnyte.
  3. How to unAnchor files using Egnyte.
  4. How to Anchor files in a protected folder.
  5. How to unAnchor files in a protected folder.
A user can Anchor (encrypt) a file. Anchored files will be given access rules in order to be consumed.  A user can also unAnchor (decrypt) a file. This action will be logged.
Note, Anchor cannot control unAnchored files.

Anchor with Egnyte

‘Secure with Anchor’ Anchors plain text files with organization’s access rules.

UnAnchor with Egnyte

‘Remove Anchor Protection’ unAnchors an encrypted file. The resulting file will be unprotected plain text.

Anchor Files in a Protected Folder

  1. Inside the Egnyte Connect ‘Shared folder create a new folder and add unencrypted files to it. 
  2. Right click the folder and select 'Anchor,' 'Anchor My Data,' and 'Add Protection and Anchor My Files.'  
  3. A pop-up window will ask if you would like to Anchor and add protection to the folder and its files. Select 'OK.'
  4. You will see a notification that lets you know your files are Anchored. Notice an anchor icon has been added to the files. This tells the user that the files are encrypted. 

UnAnchor Files in a Protected Folder

  1. To remove Anchor protection, right click on a file. Choose 'Anchor,' select 'unAnchor My Data,' and click on 'unAnchor My Files.'                  
  2. You will see a notification that lets you know your files are unAnchored. Notice the anchor icon has been removed from the file. This tells the user that the files are unencrypted.  

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