Windows 10 Agent Setup Instructions

Windows 10 Agent Setup Instructions

Windows 10 Agent Setup Instructions
Install Instructions


Double click on DAtAnchorInstallerApp.exe and enter the Domain/Organization name
Once installation is complete, a reboot prompt appears.
Please Reboot to complete the installation.

Command-line Install

1. Anchor Full Suite
      i. To install Anchor full suite silently, run the below command.
                 DAtAnchorSetup_v2.5.0.exe --install --org-id <organization/domain name> 

2.    Disable encrypt and decrypt on Network Share Folders
      i.         To install Anchor but disable right-click encrypt and decrypt feature on Network Shares, run the below command.
                 DAtAnchorSetup_v2.5.0.exe --install --org-id <organization/domain name> --disable-NWShares

3.    Enable Printing for Anchor Protected files. By default, printing is blocked for protected files.
      i.         To install Anchor but enable printing of protected files, run the below command.
                 DAtAnchorSetup_v2.5.0.exe --install --org-id <organization/domain name> --print-enable

Silent install options

1. Add --silent to the above commands for silent install and not show a system reboot/restart prompt after installation. Note: This will automatically reboot the user's system. Users might lose their unsaved data.

2. Add --silent --reboot-prompt to the above commands for silent install and show a reboot/restart prompt after installation.

Note: Replace <organization/domain name> with your unique organization name. Contact the Anchor support team to get your unique organization name.

Uninstall Instructions


Search for DAtAnchor Uninstall in windows search (bottom left corner of your Desktop).
Click on DAtAnchor Uninstall application. (as shown in the screenshot below)
Uninstall will start. Once completed a reboot prompt appears at the end. 
Please reboot to complete uninstallation.


1. Without Reboot Prompt
      i.      To uninstall Anchor silently, run the below command
              DAtAnchorSetup_v2.5.0.exe --uninstall --silent

2. With Reboot Prompt
      i.      To uninstall Anchor but show a reboot prompt, run the below command.
              DAtAnchorSetup_v2.5.0.exe --uninstall

For detailed tutorials on how to install the Anchor manually, please watch the following videos.

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