Windows Server Agent Setup Instructions

Windows Server Agent Setup Instructions

  1. Download the Server agent from the dashboard.
  2. Download and install Windows c++ Redistributable if it's not already installed on the server. Follow this article for more information.
  3. Open Powershell as an Administrator.
  4. Navigate to the folder where the files are extracted.
  5. Run the DAtAnchorServerInstall.ps1 install script. Type .\DAtAnchorServerInstall.ps1 on Powershell and hit enter.
    1. Note: You have to enable the permissions to run PowerShell scripts on the system. Please run Get-ExecutionPolicy to get a current policy so that you know what to revert back to when you are done.  Please run the following command on the Powershell to enable permission: Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted 
  6. Input the Organization Id when requested. This is to download the right config file for the organization.
  7. Input the email domain or server domain of the company.
  8. This will install the components and enable the explorer to right-click options.
  9. Right-click on any folder and Anchor or unAnchor files. This will encrypt or decrypt the files respectively.
    1. Note: Currently Anchor and unAnchor are possible only at a folder level
  10. List of files that fail to encrypt or decrypt would be listed in the log folder C:\Program Files\DAtAnchor Client\Logs\
  11. An anchored folder will be scanned every 30min for plain files. If found, the service would encrypt them. You can choose to remove the scanner functionality by right-clicking on the protected folder and selecting "Remove from Periodic Scan".

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